Chapter 2: First Day on the Job

This is a brief write-up that I'll go into more detail on later.

In the skies above Emerald City, Hyperion and his younger cousin Hyper-Girl, flew toward the new base of operations for the Team, located in an old safe-house built in a bunker beneath an abandoned lighthouse on the edge of town. Hyper-Girl was excited and for good reason: she was going to be a part of a super team and begin her career as a superhero! Superheroine? Oh, it doesn't matter, she was going to save lives and stop the bad guys!

They arrived at the Lighthouse and she met Bullseye, Feral and Zip-Line with their respective mentors. Watchman gave them a tour of the Bunker, with Ocean Man and Waverider arriving a little late, and explained the ground rules:

  • The team is expected to intervene in local incidents but they should stick to monitor duty and not go out "looking for trouble". 
  • They aren't to operate outside of Emerald City limits unless they are sent on a mission by the Guardians. 
  • Dating inside the team is strongly discouraged for a variety of reasons. 
  • Someone is to always be on monitor duty. 

He also introduced the sidekicks to ComBot, a member of the Guardians who volunteered to be the team's unofficial "Den Mother". Afterward, the Guardians left to go do official business and the team was left to their own devices. Again, they almost immediately decided to derp around. 

They decided to get some coffee and went into the city but before they got there, they stumbled upon destruction being wrought by a Russian mercenary in a suit of powered-armor called the Red Rhino. The team leapt into action: Zip-Line cleared away civilians and cops in the line of fire, Waverider used his hydromancy to shield people and his teammates from attacks and Bullseye, Feral and Hyper-Girl attacked Red Rhino directly. Hyper-Girl quickly proved her strength as she delivered massive damage to the chassis and arms of Red Rhino's armor while Feral and Bullseye continued to throw him off balance. In the end, a combination one-two punch from Hyper-Girl and Zip-Line's mach punch took the Red Rhino down for the count. 

They peaced from the street when the PRA vans started rolling up and the team left to get some well-deserved coffee (and derp around at an arcade). But a question lingered on their minds…what the hell was Red Rhino doing? 

That night, Bullseye and Zip-Line left to interrogate Red Rhino while Hyper-Girl and Waverider did some research to determine what his motives might have been. They discovered that Rhino was a Russian mercenary who specialized in thefts and assassinations. Blatant destruction wasn't really his style. Together, Hyper-Girl and Waverider eventually deduced that he might be running a distraction while a partner might have committed the actual robbery, most likely from Gordon Technologies, a futurist tech design company run by a paragon with Invention abilities. 

When they returned, Bullseye and Zip-Line told them that they were unable to break Red Rhino with what little time they had with him, but they did find a sticky note inside a compartment in the armor. Zip-Line deciphered the message from Russian and Hyper-Girl eventually decoded the weird message: a machine he called a "Rolly-Poly" was to be delivered to Husky Shipping Yard that night. Obviously, the sidekicks would intervene. 

The team decided to approach the docks from the water, taking a stealth speedboat close to the dock yard. The plan was that Waverider would keep a lookout in case of reinforcements or an escape by water. Hyper-Girl would provide aerial recon and provide support if they need it, while Bullseye, Feral and Zip-Line infiltrated the dockyard, took out any mooks standing guard and find Red Rhino's partner. 

The fighting started well enough, but Zip-Line was anything but stealthy. The mooks were alerted and the gunfire alerted every goon within a half mile. As her teammates fought below, Hyper-Girl remembered she had X-Ray vision and scanned the warehouses until she saw a yougn man about her age with a weird, basketball-sized machine in a duffle bag. 

Hyper-Girl crashed into the warehouse where the thief seemed nonplussed. She demanded that he hand over the Rolly-Poly, to which he replied—amused—that he had no intention of doing so. Hyper-Girl regrettably leapt to battle, knocking him back but then he…disappeared. Hyper-Girl spotted him with X-Ray vision and alerted her teammates and they all closed in on his location.

They all attacked the thief at once but he seemed to be able to stop both Bullseye's arrow and Feral in midair entirely before disappearing, evading Zip-Line and Hyper-Girl. The team, understandably a little shocked, split up to find the guy as he couldn't have gotten far. Hyper-Girl eventually saw him escaping via car and landed in the street in front of him, stopping the car and lifting it off the ground. The thief, annoyed, rewound time and instead ran for a parking garage after lighting a beacon. Hyper-Girl still found him. 

Hyper-Girl tried to talk him down and convince him that he didn't have to steal; the Guardians could help him. The smarmy thief seemed delighted by this and played along long enough to reveal that she could stop stalling for Zip-Line to arrive: he had frozen the two of them in a stasis bubble while he waited for his escape route. Hyper-Girl moved to stop him, but he just kept "teleporting" around until he finally froze her completely (using his time manipulation power). He revealed his name of Tick-Tock as a portal appeared and he disappeared. 

Hyper-Girl was devastated that she let him get away but Zip-Line assured her that it happens to everybody once in awhile. They'd get him eventually. The pair returned to the shipyard, where they found Bullseye interrogating the dock harbormaster for information on where the boat was going. Hyper-Girl, horrified at his actions, convinced him to stop once the harbormaster pissed himself. Bullseye was horrified at his own actions and was quiet the rest of the journey back to the Bunker. 

Once back, the team agreed to keep their eyes open for Tick-Tock and essentially just went to bed. Bullseye apologized to Hyper-Girl and the pair made amends before going to watch some shitty Nicolas Cage movie together. 



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