Dr. Madness

Upstart young mad scientist working a Disintegration Ray.


Basic Info

Real Name: Unknown
Age: 20ish
Nationality: United States of America
Hometown: Unknown
Species: Male Human


  • Post-Genius Level Intellect: As a mad scientist, Dr. Madness’ intellect is vast and nearly unrivaled outside of the supers community. He is capable of solving complex equations in a few minutes and has studied dozens of scientific, technological and mathematical fields.
  • Super-Science: He has solved complicated chemical equations in seconds. He understands a variety of powers associated with paragons.
  • Self-Defense: Dr. Madness has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, though he is a sub-par combatant with poor form.


Dr. Madness is brilliant but seemingly unable to excel in ways that Dr. Nefarious and other super-scientists have. A life of frustration, inconsistent victories and getting shit on by society at large has left him emotionally insecure, cynical and stressed out.

He is extremely self-entitled and has some narcissistic tendencies, believing that he deserved better than the hand he has now and is prone to bouts of overconfidence when he believes he has the upper hand. This often backfires as he is not quite as skilled at supervillainy as he thinks and is completely unwilling to take the advice of anyone. He is a prisoner not only of his circumstances but of his own myopic behavior.

He’s trapped in the shadow of Dr. Nefarious—a renowed and universally respected/feared mad scientist in virtually every field of science and engineering who built a space station, among other famous capers. In many ways, he’s trapped by the the inadequacy and self-imposed incompetence caused by sloth and brutal emotional bullying by his father as a child.

That isn’t to say he isn’t brilliant or talented—he is definitely extremely talented in many scientific and engineering fields and could be Dr. Nefarious’ equal if he applied himself. He has proven extremely capable of building incredible feats of technology and engineering, such as his the robotic tentacle he used to rob cartel boats along the Darien Gap, his state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and the creation of a rudimentary AI program he named “Computer”. However, a recurring issue in his work is that he cuts corners.


Very little is known of Dr. Madness’ personal life. What IS known is that he was kicked out of grad school due to his fascination with creating a Disintegration Ray. He is not a real doctor, though he is certainly intelligent enough to be one. After being disgraced, he took the name Dr. Madness and began a career of supervillainy to fund his Disintegration Ray research.

At one point, threaten to detonate a proton bomb beneath the Emerald City football stadium, though he was handily defeated by Redline before he even finished his big threat.

To further generate funds, he left America and moved into an abandoned underwater base formerly inhabited by drug lords and installed a giant robotic tentacle to stop cartel boats and rob them. He figured that targeting cartels would keep the superheroes off his back.

Dr. Madness

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