King Crab

Criminal with hi-tech crab armor and terrible pincers; leader of the Sea Kings


Basic Info

Real Name: Darnell Winslow
Age: 32
Nationality: United States of America
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Species: Male Human

Equipment & Training

  • Crab-Tech: This suit grants King Crab the ability to breathe underwater, swim at speeds of more than 80 mph and withstand both the pressures of the deep and gunfire. His pincers are capable of crushing titanium and can pierce even Hyperion’s skin.
  • Criminal: King Crab is a longtime career criminal, specializing in B&E.
  • Melee Combat: He’s not what anybody would call a great fighter, but over the years he’s figured out how to fight in his armor surprisingly well and puts his tech to extremely good use.


King Crab is the de facto leader of the Sea Kings and he conducts himself with confidence and swagger (perhaps more than he deserves). He gives a lot of shit talk and never backs down from a fight.


King Crab was born Darnell Winslow in Phoenix, Arizona, the son of a bartender and janitor. He grew up on the rough side of the tracks, getting into fights and sent to detention almost constantly. He dropped out of high school at sixteen to run with a gang in his hometown of Phoenix. He was first sent to jail at the age of nineteen.

He stayed in Phoenix as muscle for several years. In 2002, two years after the Event, he was beaten u p by Phoenix’s resident hero Flame-Blaster. After being released from the hospital, he managed to escape on his way to prison and skipped town, going to Crescent City to roll with a new gang, led by Crescent City supervillain, Killer Creole.

Darnell served with Killer Creole for about a year before Kalak the Mystic sent Creole to prison. Darnell managed to escape and skipped town again, this time going to Providence, Rhode Island to find more work as a henchman.

He eventually signed up with Little Boy Blue for a few weeks. They robbed a bank (for capital) when they were ambushed by a small-time vigilante named Crab-Man. Little Boy Blue actually killed Crab-Man. Darnell stole the suit and skipped town as the villain “King Crab”. He participated in a few small time heists over the next couple of years, going up against both Redline and Beast Master, among other small-time villains.

He was eventually sent to prison and his armor confiscated. In prison, he met two other villains—MANtaray and the Eel—and the three kind of hit it off, watching each others’ back while in the clink.

They were freed in late 2004 by Dr. Nefarious (along with dozens of other villains worlwide) and Darnell manaed to steal back his CrabTech. The three ocean-themed villains called themselves the “Sea Kings” and joined forces, heading out into the world to commit some sweet crimes.

Over the years, they have battled many different opponents, including the Guardians (individually and collectively) more than once. Since their founding in 2004, the Sea Kings have recruited three more villains—the Fish, Squid-Thing and the water elemental named Tide. They’re not the most feared or respected villains, but they’ve managed to carve a niche out for themselves committing naval and coastal crimes. King Crab serves as the de-facto leader of the team.

King Crab

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