A fish-man and master of karate.


Basic Info

Real Name: Ja’raard; alias – Robert “Bob” Fishman
Age: 29
Nationality: Atlantean
Hometown: Atlantis
Species: Male Fish-Man

Abilities & Training

The Fish is a fish-man, a sort of Atlantean denizen who used to be human and, through magical means, developed several abilities which allow them to live comfortably under the sea.

  • Breathe Underwater: The Fish, as all fish-men, is capable of surviving the aquatic atmosphere under the sea through the use of visible gills.
  • Durability: The Fish has dense flesh, although he is certainly not invulnerable; he can shrug off light gunfire and small knives, but he’s not unstoppable.
  • Enhanced Strength: The Fish possesses levels of enhanced strength; they are not superhuman but he is at least as strong as a human in peak physical condition.
  • Infiltration: Ja’raard can use Atlantean magic to enlarge his body, dramatically increasing his strength and durability. Because of the way his lips are pulled tight, Ja’raard is unable to talk while inflated.
  • Martial Arts: The Fish is an expert at the traditional Atlantean martial arts. His reflexes and enhanced strength, in addition to his extra-durable skin, enable him to present more than a challenge for most heroes.
  • Temperature Resilience: The Fish is resistant to low temperatures and the effects of freezing, although he is notably hindered by high temperatures.


Ja’raard is easy-going during casual situations and intense focus during a fight. However, he has shown frustration at the lack of action he receives during field missions and has demonstrated moments of aggressive impulsiveness when it comes to battle.

He often uses Atlantean slang and euphemisms in his speech; he is especially fond of using “Neptune’s Beard”, and calling people who he does not particularly like as “Chum”, as in fish guts. Most people, even his teammates, consider him a jerk, a feeling that Ja’raard seems to return.

However, despite this, he is one of the Sea Kings and is extremely loyal to them and their cause.


Ja’raard was born in the slums of Poseidonis, capitol of Atlantis, part of the lower caste of citizens whose name translated to English are called “fish-men”. The Fish-Men are considered to be second-class citizens, though higher in the hierarchy than merfolk.

Ja’raard was born to serve as a foot soldier in Atlantis’ army and was trained hard in the ways of war from an early age. He participated in many battles with the Squid People over a period
of nearly a decade. In one battle, he was hit in the chest by a harpoon and was left for dead.

He was rescued by a sea-witch, who healed him back to full health. Ja’raard decided to abandon Atlantis and left to the surface in 2005. He was hunted down by Atlantean generals for desertion (his tattoos could be used as tracking devices). He killed the officers and was eventually caught and defeated by Ocean Man. He managed to escape captivity and vanished into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

In 2006, he met the Sea Kings and joined up with them.


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