Slippery, time shifting thief.


Basic Info

Real Name: Unknown
Age: About 16 or 17 (best guess)
Nationality: Unknown (presumably American or Canadian)
Hometown: Unknown
Species: Paragon

Powers & Training

  • Precognition: Tick-Tock is able to peer into the future, though his control over this ability is wonky at best.
  • Rewind Time: A physically exhausting ability, Tick-Tock is capable of limited time travel—usually between 1 and 10 minutes and only backward—in times of great need.
  • Thievery: Thanks to his naturally wily nature and time manipulation power, Tick-Tock is an excellent thief.
  • Time Manipulation: Through means yet unknown, Tick-Tock is capable of warping time around him. His primary usage of this ability seems to be to slow people and things down around him. This enables him to move so quickly in relation to those around him that he seems to teleport. He can also speed up his timeline in such a way that he can heal wounds very quickly, as well as freezing others, while this seems to be exhausting for him.


Tick-Tock is smarmy and sarcastic thief with the power to warp time. Tick-Tock is a little arrogant and very resourceful, able to escape almost any situation. He doesn’t seem to take anything seriously, especially his criminal antics. Hyper-Girl seems to amuse him and their encounter in Emerald City has been on his mind.

Little is known about Tick-Tock at this point, as the only encounter the team has had with him was during his heist of the Rolly-Poly. However, it’s been seen that he’s clever, sarcastic, resourceful, charming and cool under pressure.


Nothing is known of Tick-Tock’s history at this time.


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