A powerful water elemental and member of the Sea Kings.


Basic Info

Real Name:None
Age: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Hometown: The Atlantic Ocean
Species: Water Elemental

Equipment & Training

  • Elemental Anatomy: Tide’s body is essentially constructed from magically enchanted water, creating a sentient being. His anatomy is fluid and difficult to damage, though the fundamental energies can be disrupted by powerful enough blows. Conventional weapons are useless against him.
  • Elemental Magic: Tide can control magic like an Atlantean, drawing on it for power and using it to attack, block attacks, manipulate it and create hard-water constructs for various purposes.


Tide is silent (as he’s mostly unable to speak) and brutish. He and Squid-Thing are the primary muscle in the Sea Kings and Tide, being bound to King Crab, obeys his orders without thought or hesitation.

He’s not a slave and tends to be very aggressive toward anybody who implies as much. Tide doesn’t have much of a personality beyond that, at least not one observed by heroes, but he likes cats and realty TV.


Tide is essentially just a water elemental summoned and controlled by King Crab.


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