Hipster half-Atlantean hydromancer.


Basic Info

Real Name: Simon Wilson MacLeod
Age: 16
Nationality: United States of America/Atlantis (Dual-Citizenship)
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Species: Male Half-Atlantean


  • Atlantean Biological Adaptation: Atlanteans are an evolved offshoot of humanity that is biologically adapted to the deep ocean environment. This means that he can breathe underwater, endure the pressures of the deep and possessing a greater degree of strength, durability and speed when under the water. However, this means that prolonged dehydration can weaken him, thus he must return to his aquatic environment at various periods.
  • Amphibious Nature: Waverider can breathe both underwater and on land.
  • Atlantean Healing Magic: Simon has been taught how to use magic to provide aid. His magics aren’t strong enough to heal all wounds, mend broken bones or cure diseases, but it’s more than basic first aid can handle.
  • Hydromancy: Since becoming Ocean Man’s sidekick, Waverider was trained in the mystical arts. He is able to manipulate water to serve any number of uses, such as through water blasts, whips, waves, shields or water spouts to lift him into the air. He can manipulate water from a nearby source, like fire hydrants, lakes, pipes, etc. His water blasts are capable of slicing through metal and other materials. He can also solidify water into a myriad of different weapons for physical attacks.


Simon is soft-spoken, shy, awkward and a little pretentious. He doesn’t make friends easily and often gets flustered when he talks to anybody for any amount of time. That’s not to say he doesn’t like people, but his inexperience with them and total lack of people skills make it difficult to make friends.

As a half-Atlantean, Simon never really felt like he fit in on the surface world, though he never really knew why until Ocean Man saved him from the Mariner and he discovered his lineage. However, he also doesn’t really feel like he fits in with the world of Atlantis, either. The sidekicks are the first place he’s ever really felt like he fits in, despite being the butt of his teammates’ jokes. He feels like he’s a part of something. However, he’s also riddled with anxiety, self-doubt and insecurities. He’s afraid that he’ll never be good enough and that he’s going to let his friends down.

Simon is a major hipster, especially when it comes to music and literature. He’s very well read and intelligent, especially in the fields of the arts. Despite being a little pretentious, Simon is kind and tries to be there for his new teammates, though their musical tastes can be a little annoying. Especially Zip-Line. Ugh.

On the field, Waverider acts a support, using his hydromancy to provide combat support or bring up defensive walls to protect his allies. His healing magic also comes in handy a lot.

In the end, despite really feeling out of place and in over his head, Waverider is finally a part of something, working to be the hero that the team needs.


Simon grew up in Orlando, Florida with his single mother, who worked as a waitress at a local diner. He had a quiet upbringing, though it wasn’t a happy one. He was always more at home online or listening to music than he did with his peers. He was relentlessly bullied for being weird and this only caused him to pull into his shell even more.

When he was thirteen, he and his mother were attacked in their home by Ocean Man’s arch-nemesis, the Mariner. In the wake of the battle, Ocean Man recognized Simon as his son and shortly after took him on as his apprentice, giving him the name Waverider.

Simon spent the next two years training with Ocean Man, learning the ways of hydromancy and the Atlantean martial arts, though he never considered himself very good at it. He assisted Ocean Man in several big assignments, struggling to prove his worth, though of course he never really felt like much of a hero.


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