ADD super speedster.


Basic Info

Real Name: William “Billy” Harvey Wilson
Age: 15
Nationality: United States of America
Hometown: Emerald City, Washington
Species: Male Human [Mutagenic]


  • Accelerated Healing: Billy heals faster than the average human, but not instantaneously; it usually takes a few hours to recover from most injuries.
  • High Intelligence: Billy is a science prodigy with a naturally high IQ.
  • Multilingualism: Due to a need to occupy himself and avoid boredom, Billy has spent a lot of time studying other languages. In addition to English, he can speak Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: His speed has resulted in more enhanced reflexes, allowing him to dodge and react to even gunfire with ease.
  • Superspeed: While he was a speedster like his mentor, Redline, Zip-Line received his powers from a lightning bolt rather than the alien technology that gave Redline his abilities. Zip-Line is not as fast as Redline, though he still reaches speeds approaching the speed of sound. He lacks the ability to perform more advanced techniques, such as vibrating through solid objects, and has the need to accelerate and decelerate rather than start and stop on the spot. He’s turned this into a weapon, where he can cannonball into his opponents (which he calls the Mach-Punch).
  • Tornado Generation: Billy can spin his arms to generate small tornados, and can reinforce larger vortexes in the same way.


Cocky, overly-confident and somewhat of a kleptomaniac, Billy is often quick to act and impatient due to his enhanced speed and being three steps ahead of everyone else. He has a fast-paced manner of speaking and acting. Billy often enjoys stealing and showing off his powers by getting in and out of places with whatever he wants under seconds flat and leaving no trace.

Billy has also displayed a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. For example, when fighting mooks, he often gives them wedgies, makes them hit themselves and says glib one-liners before smacking them around. During the fight with Red Rhino, he took the time to drink a bottle of soda and eat an entire pizza while evacuating the civilians. He also has a love of classic rock music, often listening to music while running and fighting. Billy also shows deep consideration and value for life, as he tends to go out of his way to protect animals as well as humans when in the field.

His impatience and tendency to show-off get him into trouble and despite serving as a hero more recently, he finds that his former-criminal habits die hard. He wants to be a part of the team and actually do something meaningful with his life, however and is doing his best to curb his tendencies and actually try to be something close to a hero.


Billy doesn’t know who his parents are. He was raised in the foster care system in Emerald City, though he never stayed in any one place for too long at any one time, shipped from house to house due to a combination of bad behavior, fighting and insubordination. While he’s a certified genius, Billy never did well in school because he never really cared.

When he was thirteen, he was struck by a bolt of lightning, which gave him superhuman speed. He immediately ran away from his foster home and dropped out of school. He started stealing more or less for fun and to make enough money to eat and stay in fancy hotel rooms. After a few months, he found himself on the radar of Redline, who actually had trouble keeping track of the kid.

Eventually, Redline managed to find Billy at the hotel room he was staying at and gave him a choice: he could go to juvenile hall or he could work with Redline, who would teach him how to use his newfound powers to make a difference and help people. Obviously, Billy chose the latter.

Redline’s been mentoring Billy for a little over a year and a half. Billy’s finding it hard to adjust but he’s managing. I mean, stopping bad guys is actually pretty damn fun.


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