A squid thing and member of the Sea Kings.


Basic Info

Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown (assumed somewhere in his early-mid 20’s)
Nationality: United States of America (presumed based on his accent)
Hometown: Unknown
Species: Male Genetic Abomination


  • Aquatic Adaptation: Squid-Thing can breathe underwater and is acclimated to the pressures of the deep.
  • Enhanced Durability: Squid-Thing’s skin is bulletproof and capable of deflecting most gunfire.
  • Tentacles: Squid-Thing possesses four tentacles protruding from his back that possess enhanced strength. These tentacles can throw small cars as well as stop and drag moving vehicles as big as a bus. They possess a toxin that fatigues his victims, so the more he strikes them the slower they become. The tentacles can travel at speeds faster than the speed of sound; he can create a small sonic-boom when he lashes out with them, like a bullwhip. The tentacles are also capable of acting as extra legs, allowing him to travel 40 mph on land (including the ability to climb at those speeds) and 200 mph in the water.


Squid-Thing is borderline feral and has trouble adjusting to “surface life”, as he calls it. He tends to be aggressive and has unswerving loyalty to King Crab. He’s fearless in the face of combat, lashing out with his extremely fast and strong tentacles, and he does so with little pretense of mercy.


Squid-Thing is the result of illegal genetic tampering by an Atlantean scientist. He escaped captivity and killed his creator before escaping and causing trouble for Atlantean locals. Ocean Man tried to help him but Squid-Thing, being borderline feral, lashed out instead, forcing Ocean Man to take him down.

Squid-Thing escaped Atlantean jail and escaped to the surface, eventually running into the Sea Kings, who rescued him from a New England vigilante calling himself “Lobsterman”. Squid-Thing joined the team and has remained a loyal and powerful member of the team.


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